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The funny thing about Guest night is that it can be ANY Tuesday night! Any Tuesday night you choose to walk into our rehearsal - you will be treated like a guest! You will be assigned a "buddy" who will help you find the music and explain what's going on and you will be warmly welcomed by all of the Nor'easters.

Once we are able to start up rehearsals again when hopefully Covid-19 has subsided and/or vaccines can be obtained - YES! We will have a guest night and get the word out so everyone who would like to attend may do so. Stay tuned! 

Any man who likes to sing, or would like to sing, is urged to attend. There's no requirement that you know how to read music. Come and listen to the chorus and quartets as they demonstrate the barbershop style of a capella singing. We supply our members with learning CDs to help them learn the music on their own part - it's easy! We'll show you how! For more information call Ray at 542-7229.


The Nor'easters hamming it up at a summer concert in Harpswell - we have fun!